Collection: Threads of Whakapapa

Working with natural fibres, dyes & pigments wherever possible these exclusively cotton, linen and silk textiles are either woven dyed or printed by hand. This artisanal production process means that each piece is unique and no two pieces are exactly the same.

We use a method called ‘block printing’ to create our designs. But all of our designs start their journey as a sketch.

Our designs are sketched by us Mine Collective right here in our studio. These sketches form the basis of the block print. Some sketches are extremely detailed, others just outline the main features of the design. Once the sketch is finalised, it is then transferred onto a block - ready for the next stage - carving!

Using rubber blocks for carving - it’s generally soft and easy to carve, yet can capture fine details.
The block is then carved with a carving tool, we love the different textures that can be created with this method.

Once our carving block is created we are ready to start using an ink process. We use an oil based ink for our printing - which means all our items are machine washable (on a COLD gentle wash).

We then start by rolling out the ink with a brayer so it forms an even layer in the tray. The ink is then transferred from the brayer to the block print - usually several times to ensure a nice thin and even layer of ink on the block, the block is then pressed against the fabric

Our fabric prints take a week to dry, and then they are heat-set, before a final cold wash and dry!
Once this process is finalized we then move on to sewing the garments.

Please note that your order once received may have some differences from the garment as pictured because of the unique nature of our production process.