Pēpi Nest Care + Safety Guide

Pēpi Nest Care + Safety Guide
Mine Collective Pēpi Nest
The Mine Collective Pēpi Nests are designed as a portable option for supervised sleep, rest and play.
Whether you’re at work; out visiting friends and family; actively engaged in housework or curled up on the lounge with a book, our baby nests give you the ability to have your baby close, while also allowing you to easily move from room-to-room with your precious little baby.
Your baby can be resting, playing or simply snoozing, all under your watchful eye.
Mine Collective Pēpi Nests are suitable from birth until your baby begins to roll.
Mine Collective take the issue of safety very seriously, and in the absence of safety standards for baby nests or pods, we took our nest to an accredited New Zealand materials and testing laboratory.
Here our baby nest was tested for firmness, tension, strength of seams, and potential hazards under ‘Methods of testing infant products – Method 1:Sleep surfaces’. No hazards were identified.
To help keep your baby safe please make sure you READ the following safety guide:
Always use our pēpi nests under close supervision
Do not carry your baby in our pēpi nest
Always put your baby nest on a firm, flat surface
Always lay your baby with their feet at the “tie” end of our nest
Never put your baby’s head at the foot end of our nest
Do not use our nest near vertical structures, walls, or contained areas. This may cause suffocation
Do not put any stuffed toys, extra bedding, pillows or anything else inside our nest that could cause suffocation
Always be aware of your baby’s abilities and do not put them at risk of injury
As with any baby product, it is important to use your common sense and Mine Collective accept no responsibility for your failure to do so.
Some helpful hints on Safe Sleeping for your baby
Always sleep your baby on their back with face clear from any blankets
Have a smoke-free house and car
Make sure whoever is looking after your baby is sober and drug-free
These recommendations are provided by the Ministry of Health; Plunket and KidsHealth to help reduce the number of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy (SUDI). Please click on the links below for more information on safe sleeping.
According to the Ministry of Health, it is never safe to put your baby to sleep in an adult bed, on a couch, or on a chair. However, if you do choose to sleep with your baby in bed with you, they recommend putting them in their own baby bed beside you. This may reduce the risk of your baby suffocating in their sleep.
Mine Collective do not promote, advocate or encourage co- sleeping, but believe it is a parent’s choice.
For more information please check out the following links:
Care instruction for your Mine Collective Pēpi Nest
We recommend a gentle hand wash in cold water for your cover
Lay flat to dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals on your nest
Spot clean your nest with a soft damp cloth as necessary
Shake or fluff your nest inner to redistribute the filling if required